Everyone who meets Livie thinks that she is shy. They think that she is very quiet. And to be fair, that is the way she acts around people she doesn’t know very well. It’s also the way she acts at school, because the thought of getting in trouble for her behavior is not something she can handle.

It takes her a long time to show her true self to people, particularly adults. She needs to know a grown up for a while. Like years. And folks are always amazed when they get to meet the Livie we live with for the first time!

You see, she is a complete ray of sunshine in our home (except when she’s not, and then she is rather whiney…). There is very little about her that is quiet.  And she has an amazing, dry sense of humor. She is forever making us laugh!
Oh, and she is nothing like her brother when the camera comes out… Then she really turns on the charm and begs me to take her picture! We always get such a kick out of looking back at outtakes from group photo sessions that she’s a part of because her facial expression is so animated, and it changes in every. single. shot.

So while we’re thankful that she is well-behaved at school. And it is probably a good thing that she is wary around strangers (even if she’s known them for a year). We always look forward to the moment that she decides to introduce her true self.