>A picture can relay so much information about its subjects. For instance, when I look at these little toes I see:

  1. Katy’s personality shining through with her choice to paint her toes lots of different colors. In a pattern.
  2. Livie’s love of order with a single color choice (and her current favorite color is blue).
  3. Katy’s toes are sticking straight out, with confidence, and she’s having a hard time keeping them still (see that one big toe that’s in mid-tap?).
  4. Livie’s little toes look a little shy, curling back and under just the tiniest bit.
  5. Katy’s feet are shaped a lot like mine (and my mom’s, and my sister’s, and my maternal grandmother’s): kind of wide at the front, and narrow at the heel. But she got lucky with nice toe nails that just beg to be painted (mine are really itty bitty teeny tiny).
  6. Livie’s feet are shaped a lot like her daddy’s (and his mom’s): somewhat narrow at the top and more narrow at the heel, and her first 3 toes are all even in height. She also got lucky with those fabulous toe nails!

And this is what I love about photography. That so much information be captured, and preserved, at the touch of a button.