One of the great things about my job (and I use that term lightly, because it’s hard to consider something I love so much to be a job!), is that I have the opportunity to give back to this community our family is a part of.

I’m fairly active with my kids’ school, and happened to mention my photography to one of the PTO officers while discussing the Book Fair (I’m the chair person for our schools’ book fairs–LOVE to read, LOVED going to the book fair when I was a kid, LOVE getting to pass along those memories to my kids!). Anyway, she asked if I would be interested in taking candid photos at the upcoming Father/Daughter dance. To say that I jumped at the chance may be downplaying my reaction… I am always asking Kev and the girls what they do at the dances each year and am never satisfied with the level of description I get. I was thrilled to get to be at the dance and spy on them see what actually happens!

I was told that I could keep all profits from any sales of photos that I took during the dance if I was willing to take the pictures for free. That sounded great, but I decided that I would prefer to donate the proceeds of the picture sales back to the PTO. We are so blessed to live in an area with low property taxes, but the current economy is taking its toll on our schools. I love to give back in any way that I can.
I have to say that nothing prepared me for the noise level in the gym and cafeteria! Especially when Justin Bieber started playing… But having the opportunity to watch the girls have fun dancing with each other, and then seeing the sweet moments with their dads was worth listening to every squeal.