Kelly’s mom has been asking for a current picture for several years now (apparently the one from college is a little out-of-date?), so she decided to surprise her with some new portraits this summer.

After running behind toddlers, making goofy faces and noises for babies, and soothing newborns, it was a refreshing change to photograph someone who is not only open to instruction, but is also absolutely beautiful!















She wanted her photos to reflect her new lake-front lifestyle, so we headed to Stutts Marina which offers beautiful views of the lake, docks, and ginormous old trees.















Kelly was so natural in front of my camera, and even laughed at my stupid jokes (which tend to be geared for the elementary-age set…).















I hope that she enjoyed herself enough to not wait so long before getting new pictures taken! Girls as pretty as her should be in front of a camera all the time!