I think I might have the most gorgeous clients. Seriously! I don’t know if I am just lucky, or if it’s just the love that seems to shine through that makes them appear more beautiful.  This particular gorgeous family has been trying to schedule a session with me for nearly a year now, and we finally got a date that worked with their sons’ busy soccer schedules! M asked me for some suggestions for what to wear, and I gave her my usual tips: Pick two or three colors that go well together; feel free to mix in some patterns but be sure to also mix in some solids; think layers and accessories because they add great visual interest to your photos and look great when converting to black and white (which she tends to prefer hanging in her home).

As you can see below, she did an outstanding job! Look at all that texture. There is so much detail, but their faces are what really shine. And if you scroll down a bit to the color image, you can see she started with her son’s blue plaid shirt that had just a bit of red running through. She focused on the blues, but notice how they are all in the same general palette? Almost as if you were looking at one of those paint strips with the lightest blue ranging to the darkest blue. And then she POPPED by picking a red shirt for herself (layered under the light blue so that the red isn’t too overpowering) that matched the red stripe in her son’s plaid! And POP she should as the only chica in this family of guys.

And as per usual, there is no way I can stop with sharing just two photos of this family! The boys were so playful, and by the end they kept saying “how about if we take one doing ________?” Definitely a fun photo session for me too! So here’s a bit more for you to feast your eyes:

Thank you for trusting me to capture your family as it was right then! I will never forget your “feats of strength” at the end!