When AnnMarie called to ask if I would be available to take first communion portraits of her daughter, I got such a thrill — it is just so cool when one of my clients calls me back to do new portraits! This was my first time taking photographs to document such a special occasion, so I was also a little nervous. But Emma made the entire experience just about perfect! I tried several times to have her look more solemn, or thoughtful, or prayerful, but that smile just couldn’t be contained. She was so excited to be in such a pretty, twirly dress! And she did look like an absolute dream.

One of the really cool parts of our session was while we took a few of the photos in AnnMarie’s bedroom, she showed me one of her wedding portraits, and the top of her dress looked almost identical to the one she had found for Emma! In fact, Emma was wearing several meaningful items: a pearl bracelet that her aunt had had made for her using pearls from her deceased grandmother’s pearl necklace; a cross that she had received as a gift, and a customized crystal rosary with her name spelled out on some of the beads.

Thank you for the opportunity to try something new, and trusting me to document this special event!