I have to feature this family again on my blog for several reasons:

1. They are awesome (A & T are complete naturals in front of a camera)!

2. Lori has helped me break into corporate photography this year, which isn’t necessarily creative, but it helps pay the bills.

3. We did another funny Christmas card project that I have to share!

4. I find it really cool that someone who started as a client has become a friend.

We are both moms to twins, so there was an immediate connection there (if you have twins too, then you know what I am talking about here). Back in January, we got to spend an interesting week in Atlanta while I provided photographic coverage for her company’s leadership retreat, and then we collaborated on a photo shoot that got one of my photographs published in an ad campaign for tires! Thanks to her encouragement I have worked with another company to do corporate head shots, and another one to photograph items for a catalog and website. She has since left that company and we are coming up with all kinds of ways to work together in her new job of working with senior citizens! Stay tuned for more about that at a later date…

Back to this session, one of the first tasks at hand was to help her with another unique Christmas card photoAfter tossing around a few options, we decided to tie up the kids with Christmas lights in front of her Christmas tree! I avoid using lights with young children because of the threats they pose in terms of lead poisoning and electrocution (yikes! generally NOT a way to get repeat clients!), but A & T are 12, and know to not put the lights in their mouths… We also used some duct tape on their mouths, but only after we had reduced the stickiness by putting it on our pants and peeling it off a few times. The family pets got in on the fun too… The colors on the pre-made card idea that Lori had found did not work well with the photos, so I used the idea as a starting point and tweaked it a bit and then customized it to suit her taste. And here is the final result:


Fun, right?

And then we took a lot more pictures to hang in her home and for gifts. This is one lucky momma because her kids are just as beautiful on the inside as they are on the out.

Up above is the gorgeous, more posed photo of these twins, and down below you get to see a bit more of the true personalities. A is busy chatting with me about acting, while T is being distracted by something he found on the ground…

(There’s one of those “real life” moments up there! A got a little bored while I was taking pictures of her mom and brother so she decided to “surf” on the swing…)

I’m already looking forward to our 2013 session and need to come up with a unique and funny idea for their next card!