A little bit about me…

I would love to say that photography has always been an interest of mine, but that would be stretching the truth.  I do remember as a child watching my dad develop film and create photographs in his darkroom in our basement and being amazed at how pictures would emerge from those smelly solutions.  I had an instamatic camera as a teenager, and a nice point and shoot as a young adult, then graduated to a DSLR soon after moving to North Carolina.  But honestly I wasn’t motivated to start learning how to use the manual settings on my camera until I did a Project 365 (at least one photo a day for an entire year). There was something about picking up my camera every. single. day. that made me want to do something different, learn more, and stretch my skills. I am self-trained, and have devoted countless hours to learning how to use my equipment, how to compose an image, how to help people look their best in a photograph, and how to capture those special moments that happen when people think I am done taking their picture — I don’t want to ever stop learning and growing. I was a finalist in 2014 for Lake Norman’s Best Photographer.

And now for the really important stuff:

Favorite Color: red (except sometimes, when I am in love with turquoise!)

Beloved Book(s): Harry Potter is definitely high on my list, but as an avid reader I really can’t pick just one. Usually my favorite is the one I happen to be reading at the moment (The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern is a must read–her skill in painting with words is simply decadent.)

In my cup:  Seltzer water! I love the fizzy, bubbliness that makes me feel like I’m drinking soda when I am actually being healthy and drinking water. I’ve kicked a soda habit thanks to seltzer and have also gone caffeine free.

Favorite Food: I’m a sucker for all things Mexican. And dessert.

On our TV: My family is filled with HGTV junkies. Even the kids. Ok. Especially the kids. One is talking about getting his degree in architecture, and another has decided that she is going to study interior design! But if Virginia Tech football is on, then we’ll be watching either at home or if we’re lucky, at the game!

Favorite Holiday: Thanksgiving – a time to get together with people I love and reflect on the year’s blessings (and eat wonderful food without the pressure of buying gifts or putting up decorations)

Before I was a mom: I worked for a software company training clients at colleges and universities to implement new systems in their financial aid offices. We were super busy getting ready for that scary Y2K bug…