What To Wear

What to Wear

Remember that simple clothing is usually best (but not always!).

Avoid large logos on the front of your shirt.

Bright, textured clothes are great!

Don’t be afraid of patterns–just use them to your advantage (but be sure to throw some solids in to the mix, and don’t have too many different patterns).

Try not to be too “matchy matchy” – pick clothes that coordinate, but allow individual personalities to shine through. Pick one or two (not more than three) main colors that work together

Wear something you feel comfortable and fabulous in! How you feel will show through in your photos…

Layers are great! They allow for some quick changes in how you look, and offer extra visual interest.

Accessorize! Don’t forget that amazing necklace, or chunky bracelet, or super cool shoes (or shades!) – your accessories are another way to show off who you are.

Feel free to bring any favorite seasonal items (like scarves and mittens and hats for cooler weather, rainboots and umbrellas in the spring, etc.) – we can have fun playing with them in some of the shots!

Want more help? Give me a call, send me pictures of the clothes you are considering, or go check out my Pinterest board that is filled with ideas to get you inspired: What to Wear Inspiration