It’s hard not to be a Hokie fan in our house! But we’ve been hesitant to take the girls to a football game yet. After all, it’s not cheap, and who wants to spend the game listening to whining?

Kevin and I have been tossing around the idea of going to the Spring game this year. When the morning of the game dawned with gorgeous weather, we decided the time had come to take the whole family up to Blacksburg.

So far, so good! Apparently they’ve decided that tailgating is fun.
The guys enjoyed watching the warm ups and seeing some of the famous football alumni down on the field.
The girls’ favorite part were the snacks, especially the lemon ices, but in between snacking they took turns sitting on daddy’s lap.

After the game, the field was open for the fans to come down and get autographs from the players.

{ETA: you know the guy who lost the tip of his thumb during a game this fall and just kept on playing? THIS is that guy! How cool that I got his picture and his autograph!}
The lines for Tyrod Taylor and Ryan Williams were so long! I stood with the girls at one end of the field and collected signatures on Ryan’s and Kevin’s baseball hats while the boys waited in line to hopefully get one of the “big” autographs.

The autograph session was formally over, but Ryan Williams hung out a little longer. Our Ryan wormed his way towards the front of the line with his VT jersey and a sharpie (it was his #34 jersey, Ryan Williams’ number). We stood back and hoped for the best…

When Ryan emerged from the crowd, his grin told the story!