I got together with this gorgeous family on the HOTTEST day of the summer of 2012! How hot was it, you ask? Well, on my way there the thermometer in my car recorded 104F! At 6:45 p.m. And for those readers not from the East coast and not familiar with the way humidity makes things even hotter, let me just say that it was positively sweltering. I brought along a cooler full of waters and a few Frogg Toggs to help keep everyone relatively comfortable and hydrated, and they brought along waters too–great minds think alike! They hadn’t seen the Frogg Toggs before, and were very impressed with how they helped. I don’t know how our family would survive baseball season without them!

Mom did a great job selecting clothes that photographed beautifully–such a nice mix of patterns, solids and color. Navy and white really lends itself to crisp, classic, summery photos.

I love when parents are as relaxed and comfortable with each other as J & D are! They have been together for over 20 years, and D’s infectious smile and mischievous nature made for an enjoyable evening together. Their attitudes really set the tone for the entire session, and it was obvious that their children were so comfortable in their own skin thanks to their loving and obviously affectionate family.

But enough blabbering from me! Feast your eyes on their gorgeous photos: