Have I ever mentioned how much I love babies? They are just such delightfully squishable little humans! Newborns are special, but once a baby hits about 6 months old, then the real fun begins. They are completely fascinated by the world around them, and are easily enchanted by the sound of a raspberry… Every little thing is something else to be explored, and investigated. And they don’t know how to say “no” or talk back to you yet!

Now, to hear me wax poetic about babies, some folks might think that I would like another baby of my own. But that couldn’t be further from the truth! Instead, I enjoy spending time with other people’s babies! Just for a little while, when I get to gush over them and help their parents remember just how precious they were when they were very small. And then I can hand them back and go back to enjoying my children who currently sleep through the night (unless there is a thunderstorm, then all bets are off)! And I get to share their complete yummy-ness with you.

Blair is an absolute doll who came to visit my home studio this summer. Isn’t she lovely? Aren’t her eyes just about the prettiest blue you’ve ever seen?


And the best part is that her family may be moving to Mooresville permanently and I will get to take her pictures as she grows up! Thank you for sharing your beautiful daughter with me!