I have been so excited to share the rest of the photos from my session with the owners of SugarPop’s, the new candy store that is opening in downtown Mooresville in November of 2012! But this being the busy season for photographers with the holiday season fast approaching, I haven’t had a lot of time to work on blogging. Being busy is a good thing though, right? (nodding my head!)

Collaborating with the Colas family to create the art that will be hanging in their candy shop has been a great experience. We decided to do two very different sessions: the first was at Fisher Farm Park. We wanted a variety of photos that featured some of the different candies that would be available at their store. There are so many types of candy so it was a challenge to decide which candies to use and how to feature them. And since SugarPop’s isn’t going to be only selling candy, we also wanted to feature some of the “pop” (or soda as we call it around here) that would be available at the store.

We lucked out with gorgeous weather, and Jen did a great job picking out brightly colored clothes and the denim overalls to add some great POPs of color! (see what I did there? LOL!) My friend, AnnMarie, who has a business creating custom items for parties and events helped me to set up the candy bar. If you ever want to give your party or event some of those special touches that will make your guests say “WOW,” be sure to visit her etsy shop Custom Event Creations to check out her gorgeous products! Every product is hand-crafted, and she offers all types of customization options to help you make your party special.

And now, get ready to satisfy your sweet tooth…

Stay tuned for the next installment of photos from our candy shop studio photo session! And be sure to go check out SugarPop’s Grand Opening on November 3rd!