This gorgeous lady contacted me as a referral because her husband’s mom really wanted pictures of her son with his wife, and her other son with his new fiance as a Christmas gift this year. I love giving and receiving personal gifts like this, so was thrilled to work with them to come up with something meaningful.

One of my favorite products right now is a large 8×8 cube that has six images laminated on each face of the cube. It ended up being exactly what they were looking for!

Erin and her husband hadn’t had portraits taken since their wedding almost 10 years earlier; and her brother-in-law had just gotten engaged to his long-term girlfriend so I started off with some photos of just the two couples.

Then we got everyone together for some group shots. Erin had seen photos I had done for another family last fall, and really liked the one with everyone holding hands and walking. It turned out super cute for them too!

Sometimes photo magic happens when people are looking at my camera, and sometimes it happens when they don’t realize I am there. I particularly love the image below for that exact reason!

And we finished up with a shot that they included in a card along with their gift! The sunbeams came in just perfectly to give it a really special feel. (And check out that banner! I have learned to make these and am finally using up my old paper scrapbooking supplies!)